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Shiny Window Cleaners Sarasota

Shiny Window Cleaners Sarasota

ShinyWindowCleaning approached us needing a website overhaul.

Their old site was static and outdated. They needed something fresh to put them above the competition. The project included an onsite photoshoot capturing Zoli in action at one of his client’s beautiful waterfront properties. I must say Zoli has something figured out when he has that kind of view to work in every day. The photography was captured in a way to be utilized on his new website and this is key to designing a complete solution. Does your photography convey your messaging and your brand?

The next step was assembling the website with all of the features Mr. Nagy was looking for. Primarily being able to find him and communicate with the business was a requirement. All data is captured and summarized instantly and delivered to his phone whenever there is a new business lead. In addition the site provides for a place for his past and present customers to review his business. This keeps him in the know on how his performance is throughout the company and the opportunity to interact with his clients.

The final splash is the video banner at the top of his home page. It’s like watching a campfire. Relaxing but shows exactly what his business is all about.


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September 1, 2014